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In addition to being photographers and gallery owners, we're obsessed with home decorating and design sites (especially that one that rhymes with "Mouzz"). We're noticIng trends there for upscale, trendy nurseries in neutral colors. Admittedly, the rooms are pretty easy on the eye. However, most of them seem to be designed more for the parent than the child. "Rover", on the other hand, is all about the kid inside us all. You remember: the one who wouldn't eat green beans or take a nap or hug some weird old lady just because Mom said to. While "Rover" may look like he's taking things laying down, he's actually got a lot of attitude.

We quickly realized that there is strong market demand for other upscale nursery decor. What's more, parents want mroe than just canvas art or photo prints: they want to use the same designs elsewhere in their home.


Here are a few examples of our designs. (Click on images to learn more about the corresponding products.)



We're expanding our offerings on an ongoing basis, so stop again soon for more fresh designs.



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