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Zazzle is a leading print-on-demand vendor. At this point, it has more products made by its designers than there are people on the planet! We own and operate eight Zazzle stores as a Pro Bronze designer. We carry more than 7,500 decor, apparel, tech, and lifestyle products. Nearly all of the products are our own design, although we do also showcase a few interesting products by other Zazzle designers we admire.

Click on any of the images below to learn more about each store. Or click on the hyperlink below the image to go directly to the store and start shopping.

button for Janusian Gallery online store

our flagship store / online gift shop

button for Smell My Feet online store

custom cartoon illustrations and graphic design items

button for Be There Invitations online store

custom wedding and special event invitations

button for Just Mandalas online store

colorful mandalas and kaleidoscopic images

button for Heavenly Peace online store

our Christmas / holiday / winter collections, available year 'round

button for Dynneland Designs online store

making every day of the year special

button for Paws for Celebration online store

holiday merchandise for pet lovers

button for Kawaii Dinosaurs online store

Dinosaur products for kids of all ages




We're looking for good people to promote our Zazzle merchandise and make extraordinary art available at reasonable prices to as many people as possible!

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