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Love the bargains, but hate the crowds? Cyber Monday is for you.

Here are 12 things Janusian Gallery and Heavenly Peace love about it. (We know there's more, but we also know you have some "extreme shopping" to plan.)


  1. No need to dress up (unless you're going to work that day). Bedhead, fleece, bunny slippers are all acceptable. Dress for comfort, not style.
  2. No need to embrace your inner warrior. Cyber Monday is much less a contact sport than is its much-maligned counterpart Black Friday. Also, when was the last time you heard of a store refusing to participate in Cyber Monday?
  3. No need to circle the mall parking lot desperately trying to find a space. Also, you'll get more accomplished during your lunch hour when you can take driving out of the equation.
  4. No need to lug heavy bags around a crowded shopping center. (We all know that it's not the bricks-and-mortar holiday season unless at least one bag breaks, usually when you're trying to juggle 7 or 8 others).
  5. No need to think you're a bad person for even ***thinking*** about parking in a handicapped space and faking a limp. (C'mon, we've all contemplated it at least once...)
  6. No long lines at the "food court" (a/k/a your own kitchen). Unfortunately, you may have to make your meal yourself.
  7. It's easier to price check and comparison shop.
  8. Go from store to store quicker, at a pace even a champion marathoner couldn't do on foot.
  9. You won't leave your coupons at home.
  10. Store are getting "smarter" and optimizing their sites for mobile devices.
  11. Incentives, like double points or free or discounted/upgraded delivery.

  12. Makers are actively creating new and fresh merchandise and posting it to their online storefronts for your consideration. It's easier than ever to find an uncommon gift for that special someone.

- Lynne Guimond Sabean




Here are a few ideas to get you started.(Click on any of the images to browse the corresponding collections.)



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