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We believe that buying and selling art can and should be fun and easy. We also know that we don't have all the answers ourselves. That's why we got out there and started asking lots of questions. We talked to artists looking to introduce their work to a wider audience, We also spoke with people who don't have large collections right now, but who might be interested in purchasing art at some point, under the right conditions.

We asked them how it could be easier, more affordable, and more fun to meet artists and buy art. Using the feedback we received and our own experiences with galleries and arts organizations, we created "The Janusian Manifesto." We hope it will get people thinking hard, engaging in lively conversations, and becoming a positive force for change.





We're trying to be part of the solution ourselves. We're starting cost-consciously with online galleries and several print-on-demand storefronts. By keeping our costs low, we're hoping to make it easier for you to acquire quality artworks at great prices that are also fair to the artists. We're listening to -- and welcome -- your ideas and suggestions.


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Janusian Gallery offers open-edition fine art photographic prints and photo-based mandala images via our online gallery at Fine Art America.
We also a variety of open-edition photo-based mandala images and other artwork via our online gallery at Curioos.



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