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opening graphic on the benefits of shopping early


  1. There's more time to find just the right gift.
  2. Odds are, you'll have a better selection.
  3. Businesses are not stocking as much inventory as they have in the past, especially for holiday decor. When the seasonal items are sold, they may not be reordered until next year.
  4. You'll be able to buy when the prices are best.
  5. There will be enough time to special-order merchandise that can take months to create and deliver.
  6. Spreading out purchases is easier on your budget, because you won't have to pay for everything at once.
  7. You can avoid the holiday shopping crunch (unless crowds are your thing).
  8. You'll have more time to enjoy non-shopping holiday festivities.

- Lynne Guimond Sabean



Here are a few ideas to get you started.(Click on any of the images to browse the corresponding collections.)



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