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Janusian Gallery began in a tent in Vermont after a law job ended. Co-founder Lynne Guimond Sabean was standing in a a gateway. In one direction was a future in law; in another was a career in the visual arts.


lynne guimond sabean self-portrait with stereoscope

This 2012 self-portrait by Lynne Guimond Sabean portrays the split
between her left-brain and right-brain professions.
It was published in a July 2012 article about her photography work.



In that tent, Lynne and her husband, Janusian Gallery co-founder Darren Sabean brainstormed solutions to the seeming paradox before them. They imagined a future where they would have an art gallery that they could close whenever they wanted to go hiking. They thought about some sort of building which could be home to both a law office and an art gallery. They considered having affiliates selling artwork 24 x 7 and having a supplemental income well after they'd retired from full-time employment. They discussed what they thought didn't work with the current art market and how it could be possible do do things differently without alienating others who chose to sell and promote art more traditionally. They spoke of the importance of finding good homes for "rescue art": pieces that didn't deserved to be donated to a thrift shop or added to the trash heap. They pondered how to build quality personal relationships with customers, given that most of the interactions would be Internet-based.

And they thought about what name would be distinctive and corral their ideas.



"Janusian Gallery" was the natural choice. "Janusian" referenced the Roman god Janus (god of doorways, beginning, and endings). It was also a nod to the concept of Janusian thinking, popularized in the late 1970s by Dr.Albert Rothenberg, where holding seemingly paradoxical ideas simultaneously in one's mind was believed to facilitate the creative process.



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