Janusian Gallery Director of Merriment and Whimsy Fabian Sabean

photo of Fabian Sabean, taken by Lynne Guimond Sabean

As Janusian Gallery expanded, we recognized the need for someone to "hold the vision", to keep us accountable to the Janusian Manifesto, to serve as a creative muse, and perhaps most importantly, to remind us to laugh and have fun. After all, this isn't rocket science.

Fabian Sabean is just the non-conformist we were looking for. He refuses to come when called. He sleeps all day under Lynne's desk. He gives puppy kisses to everyone he meets. He chews up our office furniture. (He has a discerning taste for finely aged midcentury modern pieces.) He doesn't care much for our "clothing NOT optional" policy, as you can see from his picture. He reminds us when it's time to go out and exercise. And OMG, that little face!

Contact Fabian at janusiangallery@gmail.com.



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